Pasay Pigeon Sports Club

---------------------------------------Philippines 2001---------------------------------------------




YEAR  2010


 Angeles City Racing Pigeon Association- (ACRPA)

Angeles City Racing Pigeon Club - (ACRPC)
 Asian Pigeon Club of the Philippines - (APC)

Adriano Fajardo Pigeon Club (AFPC) 

Abucay Homing Pigeon Association (AHPA) 

Batangas Golden Wing Society (BAGWIS) 

Baguio-Benguet Racing Pigeon Club - (BBRPC)

Bataan Homing PigeonAssociation  - ( BHPA)

Bataan Fanciers Association - (BFA)  

Batangas Pigeon Sports Club – ( BPSC )
Batangas Racing Pigeon Union - (BRPU) 

Binangonan Racing Pigeon Club - (BRPC)

Baybay Leyte Racing Pigeon Group - (BLRPG)  

Birds Bulacan Racing Pigeon Association - (BBRPA)
Bulacan Fancier Racing Pigeon Club - (BFRPC) 

Bulacan Federation  - (SUPRA /BBPA)

Bulacan Fancier Racing Club ( BFRC)

Bagong Silang Racing Pigeon Club - (BSRPC) 

Cavite Homing Pigeon Organization - (CHPO) 

Cavite Racing Pigeon Association  - (CRPA)
Cavite Racing Pigeon Club - (CRPC)
Cavite Racing Pigeon Society - CRPS 

Cainta Homing Pigeon Club - (CHPC) 

City of San Fernando Racing Club - (CSFRC)
Dagat-Dagatan Pigeon Club - (DDPC) 

Eastern Pigeon Fanciers Club - (EPFC)  

Fernandino Racing Club Association - (FRPA)
Gapan City Pigeon Club, Inc. - ( GCPC) 

Golden Wings Racing Pigeon Association - (GWRPA) Meycauayan ,Bulacan

Gruppo Filipino Racing Pigeon Club - (GFRPC)

Gagalangin Tondo Pigeon Flyers Association - (GTPFA) 

Ilocandia Racing Pigeon Association (IRPA)   Ilocos Norte

Jaen Flyers Club - (JFC) 

Kalapati Association of the Philippines - KAPI

Kawit Racing Pigeon Club - KRPC 

Kingcock Racing Pigeon Federation -(KRPF)
Laguna Racing Pigeon Club - ( LRPC) 

Luzon Racing Pigeon Society -  (LRPS)

Mabuhay Racing Pigeon Club - (MRPC)

Mabuhay Valenzuela Pigeon Association Inc. - (MVPA)  

Malibay Pigeon Racers Club - (MPRC)
Manila Racing Pigeon Inc. - (MRPI)
Manresa Pigeon Fancier Club - (MPFC) 
Metro Cebu Racing Pigeon Association - (MCRPA) Cebu
Metro Manila Fanciers Club - (MMFC) 

Metropolitan Pigeon Fanciers Association (MPFA)

Mindoro Racing Pigeon Club - (MRPC)

National Federation of Pigeon Fancier ( NFPF )

National Pigeon Club - (NPC)

Northern Philippine Racing Pigeon Club Inc. - (NPRPC)

Nueva Ecija Homing Pigeon Association - (NEHPA)

Nueva Ecija Racing Pigeon Club - (NERPC)

Nueva Ecija Pigeon Flyers Association - (NEPFA) 

Olongapo Racing pigeon Union - (ORPU)
Pampanga Racing Pigeon Inc. - (PRPI) 
Pampanga Pigeon Racing  Club - (PPRC)
Pangasinan Homing PigeonClub (PHPC) 

Pasay Pigeon Sports Club ( PPSC ) 

Pasay Pigeon Fanciers Combine - (PPFC)
Philippine Pigeon Breeders Club - (PPBC) 

Philippine Flyers Union - (PFU) Laguna

Philippine Homing Pigeon Association (PHA )

Philippine Homing Club ( PHC )

Philippine Pigeon Racing Association - (PPRA)  Calamba ,Laguna

Philippine Racing Pigeon Union - (PRPU)

Philippine Mount Sea One Loft Race - (PH-OLR)

PigeoN GoinG on a MissioN - (PGM)

Pigeon Fanciers of the Philippines - (PFP) 

Pigeon Racing Federation of Angeles City - (PRFAC) 

Pigeon Racing Club of Nueva Ecija - (PRCNE) 

Pigeon Sports Association - (PSA) 

Pigeon Sports Unlimited - (PSU) 

Pilar Bataan Racing Pigeon Club - (PBRPC)

Pilipinas Federacion Colombophile  - ( PFC )

Porac Racing Pigeon Club  - (PRPC) 

Quezon City Racing Pigeon Club - (QRPC )

Quezon City Pigeon Fanciers - (QCPF)  

Racing Pigeon Center for Asia Inc. - (RPCA)

Racing Pigeon Association - (RPA)

RP Combine Race - (RP COMBINE) 

Rizal Sprint Pigeon Club (RSPC)

San Fernando Racing Pigeon Club  - (SFRPC)

Santolan Racing Pigeon Club -  (SRPC)

Santa Maria Pigeon Club - (SMPC)

Sta. Maria Unified Pigeon Racing Association - (SUPRA)

Santa Rosa Nueva Ecija Pigeon Association   (SRNEPA)

Southern Luzon Flyers Union - (SLFU)

Southern Luzon Homing Pigeon Association) - (SLHPA)

Southern Racing Pigeon Society - (SRPS)

Tarlac City Racing Pigeon Club - (TRPC)

Talavera Homing Pigeon Club - (THPC)

Talavera Fanciers Club - (TFC)

United Bagong Silang Racing Pigeon Inc. - (UBSRP) 

United Caloocan Pigeon Club - (UCPC) 

United Metropolitan Fanciers Club - (UMFC) 

United Pampanga Fanciers Club -  (UPFC)

United Pigeon Racing Association - (UPRA )

United Pigeon Society (UPS)

United Pigeon Sportsmen of Olongapo -  (UPSO)

United Rizal  Pigeon Club - (URPC)

Vigan Racing Pigeon Association (VPRA)  Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Zambales Pigeon Racing Society - (ZPRS)  





CTRPA(CRPA) - Republic of China Match Pigeon Association
CHINA - China Carrier Pigeon General Meeting
TAIWAN - Taiwan Province Carrier Pigeon Association
TFPF (CFPF) - Taiwan Hisoar League of Nations
KLPR - Gaoxiong Area Carrier pigeon Association
TORPU KLPR - Peace Dove Yilan North Sea Champion Meeting
RPATC - Taina County Match Pigeon Association
UN - Haven Union Branch
TOIF - Taiwan Hisoar League of Nations
Taiwan pigeon Taiwan Province carrier pigeon association
ROC China Taiwan Carrier pigeon Association
THPA China Taiwan Carrier pigeon Association
RON Bingdong Flying Pigeon Association
PHIL - Philippine Rings
NFS - Nutrena Feed Supply